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Expirian Ltd offers the following services:

  • Building services - high-quality, fast and budget-oriented.

  • Property and construction - an investment partnership, all construction stages.

  • Construction on compensation with some of constructed building.



Family Houses

   Expirian Ltd. offers modern construction of houses in accordance with European quality standards. The company has highly qualified technical personnel, construction engineers, technicians, geodesy, masons, concrete-worker, painters, carpenters, welders, electricians and plumbers to ensure quality and in the time limits construction.

with sample houses

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Family houses

  To the attention of all companies and individuals who may be interested. Experian Ltd. is to build floored houses of one or two floors.


       American standards

 The newest construction technology in Bulgaria, which uses Scandinavian and American models for building houses.

Secure structures

  The proposed houses are built of solid wood construction with a low moisture content, which is installed on all internal and external walls. Used technology provides greater level of protection from any weather conditions and excellent high energy saving and thermal insulation.


        298 euro per sq. m.

 The price is for building the structure of the house and installation of all the flooring, windows and doors. The price does not include the alignment of the terrain, making foundation, kitchen equipment, bathroom equipment, air-conditioning.


with sample houses

Section of the house
    The presented scheme a family house is shown in rough form, as are the construction materials used in it. To build the house we use high-quality products approved by authorized state bodies and passed control of specialists in the company:

     In the example are shown the following materials:


  • Reinforce concrete plate - 10centimetre
  • Reinforce concrete padding - 3-4centimetre
  • Flooring /Porcelain, Do, Parquet, Granite/


  • Gypsum board
  • Metallic profile
  • Mineral wool / Thermal insulation - 10centimetre
  • Wooden structure - White Ella or N20 Construction
  • Plywood /21 mm/15 layer/ waterproof
  • Steam isolation
  • Siding PVC / Aluminum facade system
  • Stone front elevation - 1centimetre.


  • Wooden structure - White Ella or N20 Construction
  • Plywood/12мм/9 layer
  • Steam isolation film
  • Roof tiles / Metal roof panels with XPS insulation/
  • Siding PVC

Plan #1  Family house

Floorage: Floor 1 - 109,94 sq.m.

Floor 2 -   82,70 sq.m.

Total area: 192.64 sq.m.

Price: 298 euro per sq.m.


Plan #2  Family house

Floorage: Floor 1 - 114,68 sq. m.

Floor 2 - 107,90 sq. m.

Total area: 222.58 sq. m.

Price: 298 euro per sq. m.


Plan #3  Family house

Total area: 103,46 sq. m.
Price: 298 euro per sq. m.

Plan #4  Family house

Total area: 107,44 sq. m.
Price: 298 euro per sq. m.

  The construction of family houses is a complex process performed by trained, specialized brigade for a period of 2 months. The materials needed for the construction are maintained in a warehouse in the city of Varna.
  Due to a need for travelling of staff and transportation of materials to the construction site, the cost of construction will rize, respectively by 49 € / m² for remote locations from 30 to 100 kilometers and 99 € / m² for remote locations over 100 kilometers from Varna.

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